Friday, July 29, 2016

                                             Good bye Sumegha!

I never met her personally but we have interacted number of times on twitter. Just couple of minutes back IIMC mate Ashish Bhardwaj posted on facebook informing Sumegha is no more. I was stunned for a moment. Promptly I made a call to Ashish and wondered how come it happened! He simply responded in a very depressed sound that she was suffering from Blood Cancer from last four years and ultimately she succumbed to the disease.

This is not the first time I'm experiencing such hurting news, in fact over the last few months my whatsApp and twitter met several such news items, which carried news of any demise due to reasons.

Why Sumegha's departure matter for me is something I want to share on this platform. Since I'm a journalist and I know the struggle and challenges in journalism, I can say that Sumegha must be a very different girl from other girls in terms of way of life, choice of life, standard of life and all scops of life.

This is not an easy cup of tea to face a life in the way Sumegha did. Despite knowing her disease and possible future, she never gave up and came forward with her pen to express herself. Perhaps, this would be reason why she went for media.

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