Monday, November 9, 2015

Interaction with time

                                     A, B and C don't mean ABC

How many ways are there? The first, you attempted four years back and the second you attempted this year, and may be some attempts are yet to be tested till rest of the life.

It is believed that all ways are never closed and one way remains open always, if one searches it honestly and patiently.

But the question is how many ways are needed for one to rescue from everything! May be the situation is as you have to knock different doors for different problem and not the only way for all of your problems. For example, to erase all memories from you brain you may be needed to go door number A, but at the same time you're also in crying need to get a person to talk and to get him, you need to knock door number B.

Similarly, to bridge the gap among all vacuums and to build all damaged thing in your past, you may be needed to knock door number C. Now the irony is you have to do all these things and you are looking for only one Door because it's not possible to go through A, B and C separately.

To me, I am an agent of negativity.

I can make everything negative, doesn't matter how much positiveness are there!

I am both satisfied and dissatisfied at the same time, and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be!


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