Sunday, March 15, 2015

It happens...

                                   Misa Bharti episode : My view

As soon as I came to know about the complete episode of Misa Bharti, I started recalling uncountable moments I countered on different occasions.

I wonder why people are giving hype to this issue. When I write “People”, I want everyone to be under the ambit, especially those whom I personally experienced.


Being a youth and experiencing the same thing in my life, I want to express some feelings on her behalf. She may agree or disagree but I cannot control my anguish of expression.

First of all, let my confess that I have been a victim of English and till my IIMC days my English was not up to the mark so my classmates(not friends) used to tease and mock me. So, please don’t lose your patience during reading this item.

One thing what I notice from the episode is, Misa is a dreamer.

I remember my college days when I used to speak before mirror and always try to kick off an argument with anyone so that I could develop my skill of speaking.

Dreamer Yogesh with his friends during a show on CNBC Awaz


These are “fake” pics. I confess I asked someone to click this. There are two aspects of these pics.

First, I wanted others to watch me in this style and let them think according to the messages, carried by this pic. Second, I wanted myself to see as a speaker.

It happens. Misa Bharti is a human being. Instead of making her embarrassed we should introspect and remember those moments when we were willing to be clicked with some big-wigs.

Misa may have issued wrong statement or tried herself to be looked as she dreamt herself to be but one thing which emerged from this episode is that a dream has been buried in her heart and the dream is yet to be fulfilled. I wish, she may fulfill her dream.

Dream matters : Real or Fake!

In “Special 26”, We experience mind of a man, who lose his dream in a close contest. Dream never dies and if it dies it is considered as the most dangerous thing.
Pash has written in his Poetry,

                        “Sabse Khatarnaak hota hai sapno ka mar jana”

We must remember that Misa Bharti had also contested national election. Of course, she lost the election but at least she shown courage to fight. It matters! Think it. Twice. Thrice. More and More…

I have no hesitation to say that Misa Bharti wants her identity to be separate from her well-known father.

A girl/lady/woman wants her separate identity should always be admired even after her few mistakes like what she allegedly did.  

One pic reminds me my days of dreaming to appear on TV Screen.  Had I not been selected for DD News, this pic would have made me embarrassed even more than Misa Bharti.

So, again I wish Misa’s dream to be fulfilled.


Some more pics...

Fake speech delivery in IIMC on Annual Day

Total Fake!

Fake that time

I don't drink but this pic was needed for other purpose

I feel happiness and complete satisfaction to share that all my dreams come true!

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