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Interpersonal Communication
Intrapersonal communication takes place within one person. It is meant to reflect oneself to clarify something. There are three concept of intrapersonal communication namely as following:
  1. Self-conception
It is the one of the concepts of intrapersonal communication because it determines how he sees himself and which to oriented to others. It is also known as self-awareness. There are several factors effecting the communication.
a)     Belief
It is self-orientation to know what is true or false, good or bad. It might be descriptive or prescriptive.
b)     Values
Values are integral part of belief to determine what is right or wrong. It is a deep seated foundation lying within the person’s mind and concept.
c)     Attitude
It is a learned idea of the person and it is generally consistent with value. It is often emotional.
  1. Perception
When the self-concept lies internally and perception focuses outward. It is deep rooted in belief, values and attitude. It related and closely intertwined with self-concept to create better understanding of both within and outside the world.
  1. Expectation
It is futuristic oriented message dealing with long term occurrence. People form expectation on the base of the strength of ones learned ideas within the society.
There are different types of intrapersonal communications as following
  1. Internal discourse
Internal discourse relates to thinking, concentrating and analysing within one self. It might of day dreaming, praying or meditating.
  1. Solo-vocal
It is that communication which takes place while one shouts loudly for clarifying one-self or rehearsing, when you are talking to yourselves when students don’t do homework properly, you might talk yourself to remind on the next time to  redo it.
  1. Solo-written communication
It deals with writing for oneself and not for others. Like writing notes for your future use.
Merits and demerits of intra and interpersonal communication:
  1. Irreversibility of communication
Once when interpersonal communication has taken place, it could not be hold back. When it has conveyed properly and in better way, there is always good impact
It is by contrast, when the communication was not properly flowed with good impact, it is always bad impression.
  1. Communication does not only be verbal communication
When you are in good mood, you may convey to others in better way.
The communication might be of body language and it is really hard stop when something goes on emotionally, at that point of time, you may resort to have violence interaction.
  1. Situation
The communication can also be depending on the situation, when situation will be calm both in psychologically and sociologically then communication would be flowed smoothly
It is by contrast, when the situation of discourse is in harsh and not good, the communication might not be good flow
Merits and demerits of intrapersonal communication
When the intrapersonal communication takes place, there is no feedback since there is no receiver to decode whatever he talks about himself.

Intrapersonal communication does not need to wait for secondary feedback and it could take place whenever he/she wants
Intrapersonal communication does not need to wait for secondary feedback and it could take place whenever he/she wants

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