Saturday, June 28, 2014

Miss you Sagar Mishra

                                       A dream succumb to death!

It’s strange and painful that I am coming out in the public about the matter I am not concerned. It’s about taking on the institution which awarded me a much needed certificate against my one year.  

I am a journalist and I have a duty to perform. I would not go to illogical lengths to attack or defend anyone including IIMC faculty members or any student lobby like IIMC alumni association or others, if any.

No reason to abort my willingness to say that even after four years of CWG episode, not even a single student of my batch (2010-11) has been given the certificate of internship which was assured to us.

Y K Sheetal
Death Anniversary of Nirupma Pathak in IIMC Campus

There are series of incidents I have been witnessing closely in IIMC including “Shokshabha” of Nirupma Pathak, open assessment of one of my classmates about IIMC entrance exam when it comes to short questions and certain names like Arundhati Roy are asked, Coca Cola sponsored Alumni Meet endorsed by my teachers and many others but what brought matters to a head was royally ignorance of Sagar Mishra’s mysterious death!

Who is Sagar Mishra?

To me, a dreamer who succumbed to his dream! IIMC Alumni association, a self-proclaimed group of IIMCians has allegedly made strenuous efforts to keep his associates away from this tragedy. 

If my close friends of IIMC are to be believed, IIMC alumni association was compelled to break the ice after receiving unexpected demoralization and embarrassment due to its role as an organization that it often claims for! No doubt, Abhishek Ranjan Singh’s initiative and his single effort to pressurize IIMC administration for Hostel facility have badly exposed IIMC alumni association.

Sagar Mishra and Rupesh Pathak (IIMC HJ 2010-11)
Feeling the heat of the IIMC students, IIMC Alumni Association had no choice but to prove its share in the sadness! After drawing flak from many students of IIMC over ignorance of Sagar’s demise, at least IIMC Alumni Association said something (I don’t know and neither interested to know) but is it the remembrance Sagar deserved? 
Why there is no official call for “Shoksabha” by IIMC teachers as it has been organized for Nirupma Pathak? Why IIMC teachers seem to be scared of breaking the “IIMC BRAND”, as once upon a time Pradeep Saurabh during his class in IIMC had defined IIMC as a Brand rather than an institution.

At this time when I am badly occupied with my assignments and duties, I dare to urge IIMC teachers to call a “Shoksabha” for Sagar Mishra where we could gather and share some memories Sagar Mishra left for us.

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