Friday, May 3, 2013

World Wrap

                    Beyond the “Communist-Capitalist” debate!

       Immediate after declaration of result of Presidential election result in Venezuela, US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Jacobson started raising questions on “purity” of election. When Jacobson was asked whether the US would go so far as to impose sanctions of Venezuela refused to recount poll results, she could not confirm or deny the possibility. On the other hand, in response to Jacobson’s remarks, Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jaua said that his country held the US responsible for the violence that followed the election and has so left eight people dead. He added that Venezuela would respond in kind of any US sanctions. Before that, newly elected Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro was sworn in as President at a ceremony widely attended by South American leaders, including Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and the Presidents of Argentina and Cuba. No US diplomats attended the ceremony. The idea of recount was basically launched by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles and his justice First Party, who seems to be close to Anti-Chavez policy. Officially US has yet to accept the results of Venezuela’s President election, where Maduro was reported to hold 51 percent of the vote of Capriles’ 48 percent.
         Role of subverting elected Government in Middle East, Latin America and other countries including Cango by US and its CIA has always been in Columns of different newspapers worldwide. Current episode of endorsement of “National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces”, which is a opposition party of Syria, by America irked not only China but also Russia and other nations, who are not in support of any external intervention in Middle East. According to Sargei Lawrow, external affair minister of Russia, America is working on a hidden policy to push coup against people’s government in Syria. The current episode is a part of strategy. America couldn’t put any concrete reason to endorse this organization who claims itself to be opposition. On the other hand Bashar al Asad, President of Syria, has already said earlier that America is playing proxy war on behalf of extremist organizations like “Zabash Al Nusra”, by supporting its bid to be an opposition ally. It’s not a secret now that Middle East has a huge stock of Crude oil and Petrolium, which is a kind of “Oxyzen” for the “world”. America has been keen on all government and oppositions in Middle East. Apart from that Wikileaks also exposed that how Hillary Clinton, ex secretary of state of America, was keen on Indian Ministerial Portfolio.
         Is it Communist versus Capitalist? To me, it’s a different kind of model, which is emerging in different states across the world and even in states of India. See, After left front swept from power in West Bengal after 34 years, a Delhi based Hindi Newspaper published an exclusive story on socio-economic model of West Bengal, the nutshell of that story was during Left reign, West Bengal developed a very different design of governance, be degrees, which can neither be defined as a Communist Model nor a Capitalist Model. “Buddhadev Model” was used for that model in the column. Very fascinatingly, Nicolas Maduro, acting President and chosen successor of Hugo Chavez admitted that Venezuela was building its own model of socialism. He added that Venezuela was witnessing the making of “socialism of the 21st century. Cuba was the model that first inspired revolutionaries in the region but Venezuela discovered a separate model.” Moreover, in Indian context, during an interview left leaning author Arundhati Roy avowed that ongoing Indian socio-economic policies are neither solely capitalist nor completely socialist! She seemed to have confused while choosing “exact term” for representing the ongoing “Model” in India.
Last Journey of Hugo Chavez
        Latin America is indisputably, a symbol of “alternate” for US policy makers. It was Boliver, who dreamt of a united Latin America by laying the ground mark “Patria Grande (Grand Homeland)”. Frontline says, Boliver was an atheist, on the other hand Hugo Rafael Chawez Friaz always carried a small cross and a copy of the socialist Bolivarian Constitution in the shirt pocket. “First of all I am a Christian and then a socialist”, the late Venezuelan leader was fond of saying. If you compare between China and Venezuela, Its crippling that the election process in Venezuela is recognized as being among the most transparent and fair in the world, Jimmy Carter, former US President, considered it “the best in the world”.
As far as “Model” is concerned, let’s not overlook Congo’s most profound leader Patrice Emery Lumumba. Lumumba was fond of saying “We are not Communists, Catholics, Socialists. We are African nationalists”. In 2006, documents released by the US government revealed that the CIA had plotted to assassinate him. In September, ’60 Sidney Gottlieb brought a vial of poison to the Congo with plans to place it on Lumumba’s toothbrush. The plot was later abandoned. The same disclosure showed that at that time the US government believed that Lumumbo was a communist. But the reality was Lumumba, for his part, not only denied being a Communist, but said he found colonialism and Communism to be equally deplorable, and professed his personal preference for neutrality between the East and West. He favoured a unitary Congo and opposed division of the country along ethnic or regional lines.

Dead, living, free, or in prison on the orders of the colonialists, it is not I who counts. It is the Congo, it is our people for whom independence has been transformed into a cage where we are regarded from the outside… History will one day have its say, but it will not be the history that Brussels, Paris, Washington, or the United Nations will teach, but that which they will teach in the countries emancipated from colonialism and its puppets... a history of glory and dignity.

— Patrice Lumumba, October 1960

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