Monday, May 6, 2013


                                            During the commentary

As UPSC has announced final result and different stories of successful candidates coming out from across the nation, I think it’s high time, I should tell you a short story about a failed candidate, whom I know personally.

“Sir, may I come in?”
“Yes. Come in.”
“Hello Sir, Actually I am an intern here and want to know about function of this room.”

By his facial expression and body language, I easily read his excitement. The familiar enthusiasm, which I once had when I started my duty here.
That spacious and fully air-conditioned and stunning room had twenty monitors and other high-tech devices. This was the technical epicentre of this Media House.

“That’s good! Please have a seat. What do you want to know?”

I dialled 239 from intercom and ordered three cups of tea for that gentleman and one cup for that man, who didn’t identify himself so far. Before informing function of that room, very naturally, I asked him about his experience of his ongoing internship. As expected, he said the same that I had predicted. 

He was just being used by his ‘seniors’ and was assigned to do all odd chores, which had no business with Editorial duties. Even he had paid Two Thousand Five hundred Rupees for "internship."

I was amused when I heard that he had cracked UPSC Prelims twice and more than that, he had also been invited for interview once. But as he claimed, due to his pronouncing skills or accent, he couldn’t crack the final stage. I was left speechless, when he told me very sadly that he gave up his LL.B course, from Delhi University, on the way so that he could dedicate himself for the preparation of UPSC interview.

Ultimately, he could neither be Lawyer nor an IAS. What he was doing was only fetching him a pittance, practically insufficient to lead one’s life in the Capital of India. He said he was very hesitant to go home because he did not have the guts to face his old parents who had big hopes for him. 

I wish, I could do anything for him!!

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