Friday, October 19, 2012


       Bourgeoisie journalists and Proletarian Politicians!

       Three incidents. Casting a shadow over the future of credibility of Indian Media first took place in Parliament Campus on 19th September of this year, where TMC(Treenmul Congress) leader Saugata Roy flabbergasted an anchor of a National News Channel by saying that she is raising question like a representative of Government of India, on the issue of FDI in retail sector, instead of the News channel, she is associated with. Second, on 4th October of this year, when Left Party leader Atul Anjan quitted a debate on FDI in Retail sector amid discussion on ABP News at about 6 O’clock in the evening. The lady anchor seemed to have too much excited for having streao type remark as “we oppose FDI in retail” by Atul Anjan as she got from BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqbi, shared the panel. But Atul was trying to focus this issue in depth that was objected by Anchor and finally Atul prefer to quit panel to follow formality of opposing FDI in retail as BJP spokesperson. Last but not least, when leader of opposition in Loksabha Mrs Sushma Swaraj twitted that Media is manipulating  her word on the issue of PM Resignation on Coal-Gate! According to twit, Sushma countered Mainstream Media by saying she has never compromised with her demand, on behalf of BJP, on PM resignation on Coal-Gate but Media is putting words. No need to say we have enough example rest to portray Main Stream Media as a reverse character bearer to “Fourth Pillar of Democracy” but let’s have three latest examples first.    
       According to Noam Chomsky, when there is little or no elite dissent from a government policy, there may still be some slippage in the mass media, and facts that tend to undermine the government line, if they are properly understood, can be found, usually on the back pages of the newspaper. It would have been very difficult for the Guatemalan government to murder tens of thousands over the past decade if the U.S. press had provided the kind of coverage they gave to the difficulties of Andrei Sakharov or the murder of Jerzy Popieluczko in Poland. It would have been impossible to wage a brutal war against South Vietnam and the rest of Indochina, leaving a legacy of misery and destruction that many never be overcome, if the media had not rallied to the cause, portraying murderous aggression as a defense of freedom, and only opening the doors to tactical disagreement when the costs to the interests they represent became too high.
      Corporate nexus with Indian Media was broadly exposed in November, 2010 as renowned English Magazine OPEN carried a story which reported transcripts of some of the telephone conversations of Corporate Lobbyist Nira Radia with senior journalist, politicians and corporate houses, many of whom denied the allegations after a few days but smell still on. In spite of similar character of Indian Media and Western Media due to Globalization, no similarity between political status of both part of the world as in America, Media can assure Obama’s win but in India in spite of full coverage of Rahul Gandhi, people can defeat Congress in UP Assembly election and even after getting least coverage in Media, Mayawati can rule Uttar Pradesh until her term permit. Although “Radia episode” of Indian Media drawn attention worldwide in spite of the extreme endeavour of a “Class” to not let them public. Interestingly, none of any political parties have raised their voice in favour or in against to these conversation. Both national parties BJP and INC kept mum, moreover other regional parties have not been sought any strong or even cocophony debate on this “news”. But, after almost two years “buried material” seem to have reincarnationed as of incidents of targeting media increased during last few months.
      “You seem to be a representative of Government…even you have better source and information than we have!”, Saugata Roy, who has just kicked his post of Minister of State for Urban Development of India as TMC walked out from UPA. Saugata Rai is a veteran politician of Trinmool Congress and even is known for his academic prosperity. During a walk in Parliament Campus, he was heckled by a lady journalist of a National English News Channel on the issue of FDI in retail sector. Roy was extremely surprised and seemed to have disappointed as he was informed by the journalist, during conversation, that TMC has option whether he permit or not permit FDI in retail in his ruled state West Bengal. Roy countered him by saying her question in totally fatuous and she should learn before asking these lunatic question. After that Roy taught her about WTO’s agreement and guidelines, that will probably compel all state of permit RTI in retail if one state does so. Almost all questions of the journalist seemed to have dispersed!
       Doubtlessly saying, Its Indian Mainstream Media, who has been facing a question of credibility in public domain after even after two years of “Radia-Gate”. Its well known to intellectuals that Media is lobbying in the favour of FDI in retail and also a big class of Media is trying to confuse apple man to the real root of corruption, i.e Open Market Economy, but Media should not ignore that Indian people can dare to think beyond BJP and INC. Kudos to TMC leader Saugata Roy and Left leader Atul Anjan for vindicating this fact.

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