Friday, July 27, 2012

Why so!

                                                        Let be me!

      I got so many remarks by my teacher, friends and family members about my profession including strengers. The only comment that I always remember is “Don’t travel with so many boats simultaneously”.

When I was cracking my graduation in English Literature, my teacher Mr O P Anutha scolded me more than ten times, at least, for my part time journalism. Ironically one day I went his house with sting camera and talked him in physical language. He shocked and strictly directed me for maintain discipline and let journalism apart from his home.

Almost all my classmates knew that I was ‘too much’ crazy about journalism. Even I mentioned my close friend’s name in newspaper I was associated with. I was crazy about this profession but the thing I miss always that why have I not been asked ever for the reason of this passion! Who is Yogesh and why he is ‘too mcuh’ crazy about journalism? No one asked ever, but I have to say because I think it will be too late if I don’t let on the reason, that makes me what I am!

Time and circumstances hamper everyone and bring so many unwanted colour in one’s life in a certain period. One can’t hide him by this process. I was scurrying that time when I just passed my matriculation with average marks from B S S Collegiate School, Begusarai. In flashback, I saw the motor garage of my Mama Ji at Professor Colony, where my bycycle stayed but I was not permitted to use it.

I went school for getting my marks of matriculation along with my Mamaji by his scooter. I passed with second division. Performance of school was excellent that year but I was the blot. Without permitting tear to come on surface I came out of teacher’s cabin and inform Mamaji about the result. As expected, he consoled me and till evening all family members knew the result. I couldn’t hide myself from my so called friends of my muhalla. I tried to curdle in my mouth but I couldn’t. It was a beginning of a long ordeal and my family was defied by ‘God’.

We were mortified and suffering from agoraphobia. We were hackled by everyone. Even sometime we got furious but we had only fists not the energy to apply it. Everyone was Besmirching us and we were in mute mode. This is the episode that dispersed my life and now I am a journalist.

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