Sunday, March 11, 2012

बेकाबू प्रतिक्रिया

The articles are being published in Diary column, are totally based on my experiences in daily life. Please don’t copy it and avoid asking questions in the comment box given below. Regards!

Sheetal, why all of us suffer sore with you!!!

    Most up-to-date on the ill-will between America and Iran is the reverse shot of Iran according to which a top Iranian leader has announced that American propaganda about so called Irani Nuclear project is being well understood in world community and Iran is always ready to counter any attacks in any manner. Hatts off Iran!
     On account of having so many referances in books about American foreign polcies and wikileaks cable now most of the active people has understood the theory of American strategy before the world. To me, one of the best successful diplomatic stroke to fight your competitor is to defame him in the community where matter exists and try your best to let them alone. It will help you to creat an environment and conditions where you will be the only protagonist. Do the work that can show that your competitor is not solvent and he is different in comparison to other, negatively. It will be the first stroke.
“A stone is broken by the last stroke, This doesn’t mean that the first stroke is useless”
Putting so many economic and social boundation and covering boundaries around Iran, America is basically doing the same. Remember Saddam Hussain! Before Saddam’s death, America created a huge propaganda against Iraq with the help of Corporate media. Later proved that 397 comments delivered in Media by the then American President Jeorge W Bush was totally fake and baseless. The purpose of these comments was just to creat a propaganda in world community, and Bush successfully did that. The journalist Al Jaidee, who thrown “kissing shoe” on Bush, was aware of that. I miss this journalist yesterday! Hatts off Jaidee!!
    No!! Please stop thinking, I didn’t throw any shoe on anyone because they don’t deserve that! Actually I exposed his policy publicly. They were in misunderstanding that I was Iran and they was Bush and Kondoliza Rais! Several times they tried to defame me by saying Keep Quiet so that office could run properly, even that time when I was answering others. One of his close junior told me during a debate “unko bolne dijiye, aap jawab mat dijiye, halla nahi hoga(Let them say, you ignore them and don’t cry)”!  I shocked!! Once he said publicly in office “sheetal tumhi ko sabse problem kyun hota hai(Sheetal, why everyone suffer sore with you)?” I shocked, again!! Actually I was uncompromisingly asking the favour of a correspondent regarding his tidings. Being a copy editor it was my duty and I was practicing that so honestly. Correspondingly one day I was countering a colleague on the issue of social justice. He was favouring anti reservation policy and I was putting my favour which was in the support of reservation for inferiors. Is it a noise? If yes, I don’t mind because I can’t follow anyone blindly.                    
After few days I remarked some more fluctuation in their behavior. Gradually, I studied a lot and read their policy persistently. For example, now one of them was keen on all words and sentences including preposition, conjunction and interjection, too instead of heading and pointers/crossers as before. They shown as if they were too much disappointed and irritated because of my ‘so many’ mistakes, understanding and ideology! After getting so many ups and down and smell of conspiracy I got the wake up call and started planning counter policies for defence myself so that I could sustain with self esteem and without bothering any psychological pressure! Yesterday I did that with the great help of my colleagueas.

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